LSCAC 2016

 Language, Society, and Culture in Asian Contexts 2016
Asian societies are not only unique in socio-economic structure, but also rich in linguistic and cultural diversities. Those diversities are prospective to enrich the understanding of multi-dimensional and multi-layered character of Asian societies. The understanding would bring people in the continent together and enable them to become global citizens through the diversities that Asians have. Moreover, to research, explore and reflect on Asian diversities as ways in cultivating and casting the diversities would enhance our understanding of who we are and what we have. The deeper and better understanding of who we are leads to strategies for the empowerment of the Asians.
This conference, therefore, invites practitioners, researchers, students, and teachers to identify and discuss various aspects of languages, cultures and societies in Asia. The main focus of this conference is Asian diversities and ways to cultivate and cast the diversities to enable the Asians to live and strategically take roles in globalized civilization.



Key Dates